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Twenty-Three Irish Phrases That Don’t Make Any Sense… At All

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There are a certain amount of phrases that we, as Irish, use on a daily basis. However, when we think about them, we begin to realise we have no idea what they mean. Why? Because they actually do not make any sense… at all. Here are twenty-three of them.

1. I’m dying a death.

But dying is death, right?

2. I don’t know where he/she got their tongue from…

Well, when she was born probably.

3. You’re letting all the bad air in…

How many types of air are there?

4. Is it a boy or a child?

Isn’t a boy a child?

5. What’s the craic?

Craic? Cocaine?

6. Come here to me now…

I can hear you fine here. What?

7. Would ya get out of that?

Would I get out of what?

8. Cop yourself on.

Cop myself on to what?

9. Ah sure, look it.

Look at what?

10. Mind yourself.

I usually mind myself, but ok. Thanks

11. You’ve such a mouth on you.

Well, I do have a mouth, yes.

12. You have some cheek.

Well, I do have a cheek, yes.

13. Acting the maggot.

What does a maggot act like?

14. As thick as two short planks.

He’s not smart then?

15. She ate the head off me.

Right… How?

16. Would you look at the head on him?

But… we all have heads.

17. It would drive you to distraction.

Where is this distraction that you speak of?

18. He wouldn’t give you the steam off his piss.

Would anyone give anyone that?!

19. He’d peel an orange in his pocket.

If you can find one person who would ever do that.

20. Hold your wheest.

Just… what?

21. Ah sure, you know yourself.

Yes, I know. Sorry, what?

22. Catch yourself on.

On to what?

23. Take her handy.

Ok, awkward. Take what?
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